Thomas crown affair: fake Metropolitan


Nueva York es una ciudad llena de rincones míticos del cine de todos los tiempos. Tenemos la estación de bomberos de los cazafantasmas, algo de los gremlins, la calle donde se cargan al de Ghost, Central Park que es un habitual, el Bronx, el puente de Brooklin…Yo Robot…y tenemos también el Metropolitan Museum, donde se supone que pasa el robo de “El secreto de Thomas Crown“.

La puerta metálica de 10 toneladas cierra el acceso a la sala, y es obstruida por un maletín de titanio. Hay cámaras por doquier, al devolver el cuadro se disparan los surtidores contraincendios y unas puertas metálicas cubren los cuadros por los laterales, etc, etc.

Pues bien, esta es la sala de la colección de monet, Renoir e incluso Vincent. Véis alguna puerta lateral? porque yo no…de hecho no veo ni siquiera veo los surtidores antiincendios…

El banquito si que parece ser el mismo, el único fallo que veo es que hay puertas por todas partes en todas las salas. No solo una…donde cae esa puerta megalítica del techo…la véis?

Pues como no venga moisés y parta el marco en 2 no se de dónde va a salir…?

Esta claro que es todo un timo grabado en estudio. Yo creo que hasta espinete puede llevarse uno de estos cuadros. Ah, cuadros, pero si ni siquiera tienen el Monet de 100.000.000 de pavos. Había éste que se le parecía:

Algún entendido de arte me dirá que es una obra maestra, pero parece un cuadro sacado del baúl del abuelo…

Nada, que estoy cabreado, porque parece que la mayoría de hollywood es una invención de laboratorio. Otras escenas y cosas que he visto por aquí tampoco se parecen mucho a la realidad. Que en Crown quedan bien esos efectos y esas medidas de seguridad peliculeras, pues sí, pero luego uno viene feliz al Metropolitan, mechero en mano para disparar las mangueras y se da cuenta de que nada de eso existe.

En Tarragona eso no pasa, cuando hacemos una película y salen los porques de la catedral…los porches están!

Jewish connection


Que probabilidades habrá de encontrarse en el metro con 2 judios sentados debajo de un anuncio del museo judio?

Primero calculamos en número de judios…yo conozco bastantes…incluso alguno que llega a hijoputa…(ho sento pels nens)…tenía unas ganas locas de escribir en cristiano y decir tacos…porque asshole, o son of a bith, o motherfucker o kunt, no me suenan a nada, y mira que son insultos fuertes para los yankees, sobretodo este del kunt, que si te oyen ya puedes correr como galgo tras zanahoria.

Vamos a los judios, religiosamente hablando. El 20% de la población de Manhattan son lectores de la Torah, y en el barrio hay 1.700.000 personas. Luego tenemos a 340.000 particuares.

Tenemos 20 líneas de metro que cruzan manhattan, con una frecuencia media de 6 minutos por tren, en horario diurno. Vamos a suponer de 8 am a 6 pm: 10 horas, a 10 trenes por hora, por 20 líneas. Eso en números redondos son 2000 trenes.

Ahora vamos por los vagones, unos 12 de media, porque mira que son largos, 12 * 2000 trenes son 24.000 vagones, parecen muchos. Hay que tener en cuenta que estos trenes unen todas las neigbourhoods, y hay un total de 8 millones de personas en la ciudad…ahora parecen pocos. Vamos a las plazas. Habrá que saber cuantos anuncios han colocado del museo judio y la exposición de houdini, en general debajo de cada anuncio hay asientos mínimo en grupos de 2.

Esto ya se debe hacer por especulación. He cogido el metro una media de 2 veces al día, vagones aleatorios, asientos aleatorios, y la linea no creo que importe mucho, y solo he visto el anuncio una vez…tienen que ser ratas los cabrones…lo que si he visto es que cuando la campaña es de un supermercado o un whiskey llenan en vagon, o dura unos días concretos y luego ya no se ve mas. Así que supongamos que han colocado 1000 panfletos entre los 24.000 vagones. No creo que tantos por lo de ratas, pero vamos a suponer que sí, ya que menos significaría poca visibilidad y la exposición de houdini se merece algo mas.

Entonces tenemos el número de judios, sobre el cual hay que suponer que, al ser unas personas de clase bastante alta en general. utilizan poco el metro. Tenemos en numero de vagones, el número de carteles, y la pareja de judios. Que probabilidades hay de encontrárselos juntitos bajo el anuncio del museo judio y echarles una foto?

Pues ni puta idea, pero si hay alguna matemático por ahí y me hace el favor de resolverlo (primo), pues estaremos muy agradecidos!

Lost in The Metropolitan


The metropolitan isn’t the city of Superman, it’s actually a museum which size tricks you when entering. I thought it was similar to Moma, but after 3 hours walking inside and too many many objects I just wanted to get out.

For those who tlove arts, here’s a little tour to this famous museum, but focus on what I like of course: I pictured Modern Art and a bit of Pacific culture…I am sick of old paints with Saints crying and ancient objects like coffe pots or furniture of Luis XIV…

I could say that visitors were the same than other museums, as ever, but I can’t. People looked to me kind, smiling, may be I had a joke written in my t-shirt but I felt really well inside this building…I’ll to try to visit it more often than the Wicked and feed my soul with positive energy than beer…

What was my surprise when I found a mate from Barcelona, Mr Miró has some pictures in the museum, So Picaso and others made in the Empire

Link to the Picture Gallery of Metropolitan

Spoting the city


Link pictures Broolkin Bridge and DUMBO

It’s been a long time here, and I wasn’t visiting around much. Everytime I go into a new place I think spots just happen while living…but New York is so big, if you want to see something you have to go in purpose.

Those days I felt time is nearly over and decided not to wait for Caroline, the girl that was supposed to come and walk the Brooklin Bridge with me, and just took my camera and went there. Also there was a oppotunity to get into Brooklin and visit Water Street, a place famous by its graffiti. Do you imagine this city without the 7th art?

Time is getting cold and today is Christma’s Eve, but no family and I feel kind of alone. Thanks Crilín called and there’s gone be a typical “Nochebuena” spanish style in the Upper East Side, with all that friends that couldn’t flight home as well.

We’re having Lamb and Shrink, with lots of other things and nougat candys (“turrones”), and hopefully spanish wine because California one is not bad if you pay 50$ a bottle, chaper ones are owful…

Merry crhistmas to everybody!!!



Silverprings is a neigbourhood of Washington, where “El gallego” lives, it was 3 years without seeing him since he left Barcelona, and now I had a change to meet him first in New York and now where he lives, in this little towns where Discovery Channel has its Main building.

It’s a quiet place with just one Irish pub to hang out, with cheap prices and good Whisky. Can you imagine the barman head when we ordered a Glenfiddish 18 with coke. He wouldn’t like to serve it and recommended a worst whiskey…I insisted.

There are quite good restaurants at normal prices, not like New York. We had fish, I went to a buffet, we’ve been having dinner in an Excellent grill place and prices worked from 20$ to 35$. Ah, and buffet with tonels of sushi and seafood was only 9$. All prices per person.

We have been also hanging out in washington, but there’s not much to do. The places are really great. First we went to have dinner at the Red Hook, one of the most famous places in the city where you have to queue at least 30 minutes. Inside you have also more that 1000 beers to choose, from every country in the world. After we went to Pizzeria Paradiso, another Beer place, with a wide catalog of beer from the US.

The clubs are in 3 areas: Adams morgan, Dupont circle and U Street corridor. This is the place I recommend, It’s called Spot and looks like an Imperial house of 3 floors, with old design and plenty of lawyers and office dressed people, with live Jazz in the second floor. I found this place different, and made me feel like home. (Door is side by the Public bar)

Spot: 1214 18th Street NW, Washington  (

Link to Google maps

Washington. SmithSonian museum


What about the museums? Great, here they have the SmithSonian wich is the biggest of the world, much more visited than Louvre in Paris. They are proud of it, but what they don’t say is that Smithsonian is a museum with a lot of museus…So it’s the same name, but they have a bilding to Air and Space, another to American history, also Natural museum, Arts, etc.

The one I was interested the most is the Air and Space museum, a place where you can see a replica of the Wright’s brothers plane that first flight, NASA reactors, the Apolo XIII, etc, with also a nice planetarium and flight simulators.

Washington. The old government


I was always looking at this city where humanity destiny has been decided for years, and wondering what I was gone feel when visiting the Whitehouse, the Capitol, and so on. But nothing special happened…

World is changing, new superpowers are happening like China, India, Japan, Europe, so Jankyes have to deal now with others a bit more, and sometimes they are banned. Last movements in middle west were an attempt to control energy sources like petroleum, so important, but I think not enough to keep on top. In 10 years China PIB is going to overcome USA one, and in 50 years it’s going to be 3 times higher. Just to have an ideas of how different the world is going to be. India is going to be over the US, and power will be shared.

But, city is nice, looks like a monumental place to visit daylight, and with not much people on the streets. Also everything is big that means there’s a lot to walk by. From the washington monument, to the capitol for example. Let me say that the monolit is so huge, 170 meters.

And the whitehouse tha had a perimetral wall surrounded by police 1 block in all directions. But I couldn’t see Obama, I was waiting a little bit, but decided to go and continue with my walk.

DAFT’S PUNK TRON: Legacy Record


Featuring Faux Punk spinning music from the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack and Daft Punk’s greatest hits

This week is about nightlight, and we were thinking to go to Harlem, 150st to some Spanish party in a flat. But was too far away, and may be too risky. So we met Claudio and Alex with Dani and went for a dinner out at Olive Garden in the 6th avenue.

After that we were heading Bleecker St. one of our favourite streets in the city, because of the Wicked. But this time the place was called “The Poisson Rouge”, the show tonight was performed by the people that created the soundtrack of “Tron Leagacy”, all electronic music with a multimedia spectacle in the scenario. It was quite fun.

Get the Flash Player to see this content.

Maria, that come from IKEA arrived at 1am, or even later. We were all dancing and drinking till almost 3am, and people left. I stayed with Maria chatting, and when the place was empty moved one street to the Wicked. 30 more minutes of fun till the closed and kicked us away. There wasn’t time for more, taxi and home…it was raining…

Should I mention that I had lost my keys, ohhh, fuck, I couldn’t enter home, I was homeless in Manhattan, and nobody was answering my calls…Fortunately, 1 hour later Lumen saw my sms and open the door welcoming in, with her sleeping outfit, I would liked to run away…but it was so cold…

XMAS american party


I couldn’t meet Mr.Big and Carrie again. I was unable at the time they proposed and were busy till sunday…let’s wait again…

The day was really bad, I had catched a cold last night and this would be the party of the year, the IstXX Chistmas at Sandy’s apartment with all the fashion friends that study the same master. All girls and some gays. Also we invited all the spanish community of New York. We were more than 50 people drinking and having fun at 14th street. Poor house…

I was really sick but thought that lemon would cure me, of course I added some vodka to every glass to be sure that cleans my body. And it worked, at least till tomorrow.

It’s better to have a look at some pictures that me to explain what happened: Party, party and party. American style of course, with a high dose of networking.

At 1 am we decided to leave and go to some nice place in the meatpacking district, but when I arrived I left home in order to not continue fossilizing my body. And I was right as well.

Burbon’s night


I came to the same place, same time as agreed with Mr.Big and Carrie, but I couldn’t find them. I was 5 minutes late and thought: may be the left, or may be they are at Wix Lounge, so let me call…

I did and the answer I got is that they didn’t confirm. So I’ve been loosing my time. And what’s worst, no answer yet…

As I was in the city centre I decided to go to Broodway Dance School to look up for the schedule of classes next month to help the Pink ogre to organize her dance schedule when she came in 27th. It was freezing, and my clothes aren’t enough to keep me warm, I do need a winter coat! (“se me caía el moquillo” I’d like to say in english). So prices are 18$ a class, and 15$ if you buy 10. It’s great than in this city, and probably in the hole country you could be attending classes 7 days a week with just the exception of 1st january, thanksgiving and 4th july.

Later we had another spanish party, this time at Burbon’s in 71st with Amsterdam Ave, the other side of the city again…I went there, meet Desi, a friend of Sany from Barcelona as well. Nice and sweet girl. Also Dani and Victor where there, and a new guy that just joined us from Venezuela. His name, Carlos, apparently a young and successful business man that was a bit jerk.

We started talking about business and it was interesting, he proposed me to create an auction site, copying and existing one very popular and move it to Venezuela and other south-american countries. I though that we could go to europe as well.

He said tomorrow we could speak a bit more and start as soon as possible.

Burbon time was over and it was time to go to the Village, to a new place called Pig. And girls took a taxi and we push Carlos with them, so we would like to take another, hehe. Later they explained the story…He proposed them to do a “menage a trois” as it was his fantasy. Girls stopped the car and pushed him out in the middle of the street, hehe, sorry girls..

We went to the place and girls weren’t there, but fortunately we met others and stayed for a drink. We weren’t lucky so we moved in a bus to the west Village to meet Sandy and Desi and have the last one. Tomorrow more!

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