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This week is about nightlight, and we were thinking to go to Harlem, 150st to some Spanish party in a flat. But was too far away, and may be too risky. So we met Claudio and Alex with Dani and went for a dinner out at Olive Garden in the 6th avenue.

After that we were heading Bleecker St. one of our favourite streets in the city, because of the Wicked. But this time the place was called “The Poisson Rouge”, the show tonight was performed by the people that created the soundtrack of “Tron Leagacy”, all electronic music with a multimedia spectacle in the scenario. It was quite fun.

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Maria, that come from IKEA arrived at 1am, or even later. We were all dancing and drinking till almost 3am, and people left. I stayed with Maria chatting, and when the place was empty moved one street to the Wicked. 30 more minutes of fun till the closed and kicked us away. There wasn’t time for more, taxi and home…it was raining…

Should I mention that I had lost my keys, ohhh, fuck, I couldn’t enter home, I was homeless in Manhattan, and nobody was answering my calls…Fortunately, 1 hour later Lumen saw my sms and open the door welcoming in, with her sleeping outfit, I would liked to run away…but it was so cold…

XMAS american party


I couldn’t meet Mr.Big and Carrie again. I was unable at the time they proposed and were busy till sunday…let’s wait again…

The day was really bad, I had catched a cold last night and this would be the party of the year, the IstXX Chistmas at Sandy’s apartment with all the fashion friends that study the same master. All girls and some gays. Also we invited all the spanish community of New York. We were more than 50 people drinking and having fun at 14th street. Poor house…

I was really sick but thought that lemon would cure me, of course I added some vodka to every glass to be sure that cleans my body. And it worked, at least till tomorrow.

It’s better to have a look at some pictures that me to explain what happened: Party, party and party. American style of course, with a high dose of networking.

At 1 am we decided to leave and go to some nice place in the meatpacking district, but when I arrived I left home in order to not continue fossilizing my body. And I was right as well.

Burbon’s night


I came to the same place, same time as agreed with Mr.Big and Carrie, but I couldn’t find them. I was 5 minutes late and thought: may be the left, or may be they are at Wix Lounge, so let me call…

I did and the answer I got is that they didn’t confirm. So I’ve been loosing my time. And what’s worst, no answer yet…

As I was in the city centre I decided to go to Broodway Dance School to look up for the schedule of classes next month to help the Pink ogre to organize her dance schedule when she came in 27th. It was freezing, and my clothes aren’t enough to keep me warm, I do need a winter coat! (“se me caĆ­a el moquillo” I’d like to say in english). So prices are 18$ a class, and 15$ if you buy 10. It’s great than in this city, and probably in the hole country you could be attending classes 7 days a week with just the exception of 1st january, thanksgiving and 4th july.

Later we had another spanish party, this time at Burbon’s in 71st with Amsterdam Ave, the other side of the city again…I went there, meet Desi, a friend of Sany from Barcelona as well. Nice and sweet girl. Also Dani and Victor where there, and a new guy that just joined us from Venezuela. His name, Carlos, apparently a young and successful business man that was a bit jerk.

We started talking about business and it was interesting, he proposed me to create an auction site, copying and existing one very popular and move it to Venezuela and other south-american countries. I though that we could go to europe as well.

He said tomorrow we could speak a bit more and start as soon as possible.

Burbon time was over and it was time to go to the Village, to a new place called Pig. And girls took a taxi and we push Carlos with them, so we would like to take another, hehe. Later they explained the story…He proposed them to do a “menage a trois” as it was his fantasy. Girls stopped the car and pushed him out in the middle of the street, hehe, sorry girls..

We went to the place and girls weren’t there, but fortunately we met others and stayed for a drink. We weren’t lucky so we moved in a bus to the west Village to meet Sandy and Desi and have the last one. Tomorrow more!

American style party


Definately one of the reasons of being here is living some of the experiences that comes up into my mind when I think of thJue United States of America.

And one of the primery things is a Limo. So taking advantage of the Juan’s farewell, people agreed that I’d be great if we can rent a Limo. then I was looking into offers and many people joined the idea, so we can event rent a Hummer limo for 20 people: The big white shark.

Montly spanish people and a chinesse girl, today Hector’s girlfriend, we get in the car late 9 and start a tour in the city. Of course we were dressed appropriately to the occasion with black suites, and girls wearing high hails, and mostly black dress also.

We sttoped in times Square, drive down the fifth avenue, ride the Wall street’s bull, and of course get drunk in the hummer, that was actually a Ford, same sized.

Then the driver just dropped us in the Lisa’s birthday when the party continued till late in the morning, I can’t remember the place and mostly of the things that happened there, but it was actually quite nice, quite expensive, and quite busy.

Better to see videos and pictures…as soon as I get it…(come on guys!)

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