Silverprings is a neigbourhood of Washington, where “El gallego” lives, it was 3 years without seeing him since he left Barcelona, and now I had a change to meet him first in New York and now where he lives, in this little towns where Discovery Channel has its Main building.

It’s a quiet place with just one Irish pub to hang out, with cheap prices and good Whisky. Can you imagine the barman head when we ordered a Glenfiddish 18 with coke. He wouldn’t like to serve it and recommended a worst whiskey…I insisted.

There are quite good restaurants at normal prices, not like New York. We had fish, I went to a buffet, we’ve been having dinner in an Excellent grill place and prices worked from 20$ to 35$. Ah, and buffet with tonels of sushi and seafood was only 9$. All prices per person.

We have been also hanging out in washington, but there’s not much to do. The places are really great. First we went to have dinner at the Red Hook, one of the most famous places in the city where you have to queue at least 30 minutes. Inside you have also more that 1000 beers to choose, from every country in the world. After we went to Pizzeria Paradiso, another Beer place, with a wide catalog of beer from the US.

The clubs are in 3 areas: Adams morgan, Dupont circle and U Street corridor. This is the place I recommend, It’s called Spot and looks like an Imperial house of 3 floors, with old design and plenty of lawyers and office dressed people, with live Jazz in the second floor. I found this place different, and made me feel like home. (Door is side by the Public bar)

Spot: 1214 18th Street NW, Washington  (

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