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Washington. SmithSonian museum


What about the museums? Great, here they have the SmithSonian wich is the biggest of the world, much more visited than Louvre in Paris. They are proud of it, but what they don’t say is that Smithsonian is a museum with a lot of museus…So it’s the same name, but they have a bilding to Air and Space, another to American history, also Natural museum, Arts, etc.

The one I was interested the most is the Air and Space museum, a place where you can see a replica of the Wright’s brothers plane that first flight, NASA reactors, the Apolo XIII, etc, with also a nice planetarium and flight simulators.

Washington. The old government


I was always looking at this city where humanity destiny has been decided for years, and wondering what I was gone feel when visiting the Whitehouse, the Capitol, and so on. But nothing special happened…

World is changing, new superpowers are happening like China, India, Japan, Europe, so Jankyes have to deal now with others a bit more, and sometimes they are banned. Last movements in middle west were an attempt to control energy sources like petroleum, so important, but I think not enough to keep on top. In 10 years China PIB is going to overcome USA one, and in 50 years it’s going to be 3 times higher. Just to have an ideas of how different the world is going to be. India is going to be over the US, and power will be shared.

But, city is nice, looks like a monumental place to visit daylight, and with not much people on the streets. Also everything is big that means there’s a lot to walk by. From the washington monument, to the capitol for example. Let me say that the monolit is so huge, 170 meters.

And the whitehouse tha had a perimetral wall surrounded by police 1 block in all directions. But I couldn’t see Obama, I was waiting a little bit, but decided to go and continue with my walk.

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