Featuring Faux Punk spinning music from the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack and Daft Punk’s greatest hits

This week is about nightlight, and we were thinking to go to Harlem, 150st to some Spanish party in a flat. But was too far away, and may be too risky. So we met Claudio and Alex with Dani and went for a dinner out at Olive Garden in the 6th avenue.

After that we were heading Bleecker St. one of our favourite streets in the city, because of the Wicked. But this time the place was called “The Poisson Rouge”, the show tonight was performed by the people that created the soundtrack of “Tron Leagacy”, all electronic music with a multimedia spectacle in the scenario. It was quite fun.

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Maria, that come from IKEA arrived at 1am, or even later. We were all dancing and drinking till almost 3am, and people left. I stayed with Maria chatting, and when the place was empty moved one street to the Wicked. 30 more minutes of fun till the closed and kicked us away. There wasn’t time for more, taxi and home…it was raining…

Should I mention that I had lost my keys, ohhh, fuck, I couldn’t enter home, I was homeless in Manhattan, and nobody was answering my calls…Fortunately, 1 hour later Lumen saw my sms and open the door welcoming in, with her sleeping outfit, I would liked to run away…but it was so cold…