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He managed to save the company from bankruptcy thanks to a transaction with the Italian tax authorities, then agreed to pay SS Lazio's accumulated debts with the tax authorities over twenty-three years in March 2005. This season, which sees the return to Lazio of striker Paolo Di Canio, ends with a defeat in the Italian Super Cup final against AC Milan, and qualification for Intertoto. In 2002, the company decided to retire the number 12 in honor of the Curva Nord. However, it only found a real competitor in 1602 with the creation in Amsterdam of a joint-stock company, the Dutch East India Company, which reigned over three oceans for 150 years and from the start carried out a giant capital increase representing the equivalent of 32 tons of gold, nearly a third of which comes from the 30,000 Huguenots in France who fled the Wars of Religion to take refuge in Amsterdam.

Lazio reached the final of the Central European Cup (later renamed Mitropa Cup) in which they lost both matches against the Hungarian team Ferencváros. On May 26, 2013, the team led by its Brazilian playmaker Hernanes, the Argentinian winger Zarate accompanied by Ledesma, Biglia, Mauri and Lichsteiner won its sixth Italian Cup by beating its rival Roma 1-0. This success allows the club to access the Europa League and play the Italian Super Cup against Juventus, champions of Italy. The club won its first official trophy, the Italian Cup in 1958. For this success, the "Biancocelesti" received a tricolor cockade. She was eliminated in the preliminary rounds in the Europa League and finished the championship in 7th place which deprived her of the European Cup for the first time since the 1996-97 season. In addition to this record, she lost the two Roman derbies after having been victorious in the previous five. It was Scipio Africanus' first major confrontation with the Carthaginians, after he obtained command of the Roman contingent on the Iberian Peninsula and took the port of Cartagena (209 BC).

The Battle of Baecula opposed in 208 BC. J.-C., the Carthaginian forces of General Hasdrubal Barca and the Roman legions commanded by Scipion the African, within the framework of the second Punic war. Lazio, which in its first years of its history played only the local championship, joined the Italian Football Federation in 1908. It took part in its first federal competition in 1910. The Roman club reached the final of the national tournament in four times, he lost at this level against Pro Verceil Calcio in 1913, then Casale Calcio in 1914, and Genoa in 1923. The 1915 final was not played due to the First World War. She accepts and makes available a cargo flight for March 27. During the 2014-2015 season, Lazio returned to the Serie A podium, after notably eight straight league victories in February and March. The following season was disappointing, the club fell to 8th place and Stefano Pioli was replaced by former home player Simone Inzaghi. This military enclave was on the south bank of the Lacydon, at Plan Fourmiguier (from the current Quai des Belges to the old careening basin).

Thus, to the south-east, the village of La Mauvinière is now welded to the Faubourg Saint-Gilles and that of Four-à-Chaux, long isolated, today extends to the south by a residential urbanization that continues the Faubourg Saint-Pierre. On October 28, 1979, shortly before the start of the derby between Lazio and AS Roma, a Laziale supporter, Vincenzo Paparelli, was killed, hit by a rocket launched by a Romanista supporter from the Curva Sud to the Curva Nord. Transfer of power in 2001, it is the neighbor of AS Roma who wins the Scudetto. The 2005-2006 season was marked by the Calcio match-fixing affair in which Juve and AC Milan were implicated; this allows AS Roma to regain a place of vice-champion and to project themselves “serenely” into the 2007 season. After a fine European campaign, Roma painfully gave up in the quarter-finals against Manchester United 7-1. In the league, despite a championship run, the club finished second, behind Inter, a real winning machine in the 2006-2007 season. But it was in the Italian Cup, after two successive failures against Inter Milan in the final, that Roma took their revenge by triumphing over these same players thanks to a 6-2 victory at the Olimpico.

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